About our gelato

Gelato isn't ice cream, it's something so much more luxurious and intense with flavour. Our Gelato is the result of over 30 years gelato-making experience by Luca and Sonia Grassi of Turin, Italy.

The Grassis started ‘Menodiciotto Produzione’ in 1986 to make the world’s tastiest gelato using the abundance of delicious fresh ingredients found in the Piemonte region of Italy.

Primo's gelato is made in Turin, but the quality ingredients are sourced from across the world, such as Sicilian lemons and vanilla beans from Madagascar.

Each gelato batch is made from scratch using nothing but the finest ingredients, including fresh, whole fruit wherever possible, blended with pure, crisp Piemonte water, or creamy, fresh milk from their own herd of dairy cows.

The only preservative ever used is very cold air, something there is plenty of in the Italian Alps.

Our aim is to pass every aspect of that quality into each serving of gelato at Primo. Of course we've quality tested all our flavours, but now it's your turn to sample some for yourself.